Dockwater Open Season Pricing

In connection with Dockwater’s recently announced Open Season, we are pleased to offer the below pricing to all customers in our covered service territory.

If you are a consumer of process water or demineralized water in our service territory, please reach out to

Service Territory (Process Water)

Notional Rate €/m3

Effective Rate1 €/m3

Minimum Average Water Demand

Right Bank



>1,000 m3/h aggregate




>1,000 m3/h aggregate;
>350 m3/h Kallo

South Bank



>1,000 m3/h aggregate;
>800 m3/h South Bank

Volume Discount

Approx. 0.10 reduction for all customers at all service locations

>2,500 m3/h subscription

1 Effective Rate as estimated from reduced make-up water requirements, less frequent blow downs, and lower chemical consumption in cooling tower processes; analysis available upon request.

antwerp map

MOU Summary

Purpose: Non-binding MOU where the Parties agree to cooperate and negotiate in good faith to enter into a Water Purchase Agreement (WPA) based on the proposed Project development schedule

Project Capacity: 1,000 to 3,100 m3/h desalination facility and distribution pipeline

WPA Main Terms
  • Volumes based on Customer average annual demand
  • Water Tariff to have a fixed (take-or-pay) component and a variable component both subject to indexation (greater of 1.75% or to-be-agreed CPI). The fixed component is intended to cover capital cost and fixed O&M costs. The variable costs to be a passthrough to Customer at certain committed efficiency levels (electricity; water intake fee; chemicals)
  • Customer to have the ability to increase/ decrease water volumes due to seasonality and increased/ decrease demand, subject to certain limits, every operating year
  • Water Tariff based on final plant capacity and location of the Customer (see Pricing Sheet)
  • Multiple levels of reliability based on back up options available described in Back Up strategies page
  • Tenor of the WPA to be not less than 18 years from the Project Commercial Operations Date (“COD”)
  • Substitution of MOU by the WPA
  • Such earlier date as the Parties mutually agree
  • If after 24 months Dockwater has not started the construction of the Project

High Level of Reliability and Multiple Levels of Back Up

Multi-layered redundancy ensures extremely certain water supply

Plant Outage Back Up

Plant is designed to be 100% reliable
  • Availability guarantee under the Suez O&M contract in excess of 99.5%. Suez proven historical availability in other similar desalination plants is 100%.
  • Greater than 20% redundant stand-by capacity installed across all processes (plus stored inventory on-site spare filtration units and pumps)
  • UF 23%, SWRO 23%, BWRO 25%; EDI 25% redundant capacity and spare pumps and other equipment in each process area
  • Over-dimensioning of duty pumps and filters; can run at higher pressure and increased flow to cover for unplanned downtime in excess of 20% of capacity
On site process water storage for two consecutive days of full plant capacity
  • Any contamination in dock water should be solved in 48 hours (problem floats or sinks)

Water Supply Back Up

  • Alternative Water Supply Insurance: Dockwater will pay the customer the cost difference between the price customer will pay for back up drinking water from the utility and the price the Project charges customers for its process water under the WPA (up to 1.0 EUR/m3 ). The utility has an obligation to provide back up.
  • Wastewater Recycling: During Project development, Dockwater plans to secure treated wastewater (availability has been confirmed) as an additional water source that can be treated to process water at the desalination Plant providing full circularity in line with the Blue Deal.

Open Season and Project Schedule




Open Season Announcement

Project Company

25 October 2021

Form of MOU Issued to Customers

Project Company

25 October 2021

Customer Roundtable

Current and Potential Customers

First week of December 2021

Execution of MOU

Both Parties

31 January 2022

Water Purchase Agreement
("WPA") Draft Issued

Project Company

15 February 2022

Permits Filed

Project Company

15 March 2022

WPA Agreed

Both Parties

30 April 2022

Commencement of Construction

Project Company

31 December 2022

Commercial Operations Date

Project Company

30 September 2024


For inquiries, please contact