Sustainable Water Solution

A new sustainable source of water, beneficial to the water-stressed Flemish Region, in line with the Blue Deal

Project Overview

Proposed Dockwater Desalination Plant

  • Project to produce fit-for-purpose process water and demineralized water
  • New sustainable source of water, beneficial to water-stressed Flemish region, in line with the Blue Deal
  • New process water distribution network, increasing supply reliability at the Port of Antwerp
  • Dockwater reduces the environmental impact of the Port, offers customers a long-term supply of lower-cost water, and improves the availability of drinking water in the community
  • Project enhances the competitiveness of the Flemish region

Environmental Benefits

Dockwater will produce fit-for-purpose process water at a centrally located facility in the Port of Antwerp

Local source of process water which:
  1. Decreases industrial customers drinking water consumption by 98%
  2. Decreases aggregate water consumption by 14%
  3. Decreases water treatment chemicals by 70%

Dockwater is a new source of water, which will reduce freshwater stress in the Flemish region, creating water independence. Dockwater will also use 100% renewable energy.

Once up and running, Dockwater intends to work with industrial customers and make use of their effluent wastewater as Dockwater’s source water, closing the loop and creating a circular water economy.

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Environmental Impact

Dockwater significantly lowers the environmental footprint of industrial activity

For a typical Dockwater industrial customer, improved water quality will reduce the environmental footprint of their operations:
  • Drinking water consumption reduced by 98%
  • Chemical footprint will be reduced by 70%
  • Operating costs for cooling towers reduced by more than 25%

Through higher quality process water, aggregate water consumption in the port will decrease by up to 3.7 m3 per annum, or the equivalent to the consumption of 80,000 residents.

Drinking Water Consumption (m3/h)
3,000 60 98% Reduction Drinking Water Dockwater
Chemical Consumption (ton/yr)
788 225 71% Reduction Drinking Water Dockwater

Six Tenets of the Blue Deal

The Blue Deal calls for increasing the security of the water supply through off-grid solutions and creating an innovative, circular water economy that reduces aggregate consumption, which Dockwater addresses.

Public administrations lead by example and ensure appropriate regulation

In order to structurally combat water scarcity, we need to intervene on the causes: we need to reduce water flow to our environment by reducing the need for surface water and groundwater.

Raising awareness and encouraging individuals to infiltrate (rain) water

With “Operation Breaking Stone,” the Blue Deal seeks to raise awareness how every square metre of stone replaced by green today helps. Further, the Blue Deal will push for regulation to reduces additional pavement and encourages the planting of tress and water-permeable green areas.

Increasing security of supply

Launch projects to increase both the availability of water for the drinking water supply and to expand the production capacity of the drinking water itself. Protect existing sources of water.

Circular water use as a rule

We need to prioritise "water saving", limiting water demand as much as possible; the cheapest water ultimately remains the water you don't need, and develop tariff structures that encourage rather than inhibit users from investing in reuse and "off-grid" concepts with a guarantee that access to the network remains possible when necessary

Investing together in innovation

Make our water system smarter, more robust and more sustainable through technological innovation, awareness, and incentive programs.

Agriculture and nature as part of the solution

The measure with the highest impact, experts say, is to hold back the water for longer and allow more to infiltrate. This principle has already been included in the coalition agreement. An increased use of water conservation in the open space is an important measure to prevent dehydration and replenish groundwater resources.

Value Proposition

To the Port and the Region
  • The Port of Antwerp represents 8,3% of Flanders’ GDP and is key for the local economy
  • Dockwater provides the best long-term solution to water independence at the Port of Antwerp
  • Dockwater will increase the competitiveness of the Port and the local economy
To the Residents
  • Dockwater will increase the availability of drinking water
  • Dockwater will avoid drinking water consumption corresponding to the daily consumption of over 500,000 people
To our Customers at the Port
  • Dockwater will provide high quality and high reliability process water, which itself will lead to operational benefits that save the environment and money
  • Through an “off the drinking water grid” solution, Dockwater will ensure the Port of Antwerp has continuous access to water supply amid changing regulation of drinking water supply

Project Partners

Dockwater BV is developing a desalination plant to provide process water to industrial companies operating in the Port of Antwerp, allowing industry to substantially reduce its consumption of drinking water as well as its overall consumption of water, while increasing the resiliency of water supply in the whole Flemish region. The development of the Dockwater project is being led by AVAIO Capital, and Dockwater BV is jointly owned by AVAIO Capital and Macquarie Capital.

AVAIO Capital is an infrastructure investment firm focused on the development and construction of new sustainable infrastructure assets throughout North America and Europe in four sectors: digital, water, energy transition and transportation.

Macquarie Capital is the advisory, capital markets and principal investment arm of Macquarie Group, and specializes in infrastructure development with more than US$ 20 billion of projects under construction or development.

Project Developers

avaio macquarie

Project Partners

suez aecom

General Contractors

engie denys


Aquafin and Dockwater sign a Memorandum of Understanding to explore using treated wastewater in Dockwater's Desalination Plant

November 15, 2021 AQUAFIN NV ("Aquafin") and DOCKWATER BV ("Dockwater") announced today that they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") to explore using treated wastewater in Dockwater's desalination plant in the Port of Antwerp.

Dockwater Announces Open Season to Finalize Customers

27 October, 2021 ANTWERP, Belgium, Dockwater BV (“Dockwater”) is pleased to announce that is launching an Open Season process for its industrial water facility at the Port of Antwerp. Dockwater wishes to offer all remaining potential customers the opportunity to procure high-quality industrial process water and demineralized water. Dockwater is the only facility that will offer industrial customers a source of process water that does not consume drinking water.

INDAVER and MONUMENT Sign Memorandums of Understanding with DOCKWATER BV

June 30, 2021 ANTWERP, Belgium, /PRNewswire/ -- AVAIO Capital announced today that its affiliate DOCKWATER BV ("DOCKWATER") has entered into memorandas of understanding with INDAVER NV ("INDAVER") and MONUMENT CHEMICAL BV ("MONUMENT")

Ashland Specialties signs Memorandum of Understanding with Dockwater BV

June 8, 2021 ANTWERP, Belgium, /PRNewswire/ -- AVAIO Capital is pleased to announce that Ashland Specialties Belgium BVBA ("Ashland") has entered into a memorandum of understanding with Dockwater BV

Macquarie Capital and AVAIO Capital partner on Development of Antwerp Desalination Plant

March 10, 2021 ANTWERP, Belgium -- AVAIO Capital (“AVAIO”) is pleased to announce that Macquarie Capital has joined AVAIO as a partner in finalizing the development and construction of a new desalination facility in Belgium’s Port of Antwerp.

Antwerp desalination plant will convert dock water into process water for industry

December 8, 2020 ANTWERP, Belgium, /WaterWorld/ -- A new desalination plant to be built in the port of Antwerp will pump up brackish dock water starting in 2024 and convert it into high-quality process water for the chemical sector in the area.

Chemical companies want to save millions of litres of drinking water by switching to dockwater

November 30, 2020 ANTWERP, Belgium, /Essencia/ -- A new desalination plant to be built in the port of Antwerp will pump up dock water from starting at the beginning of 2024 and convert it into high-quality process water for the chemical sector.

Dockwater BV partners with ENGIE Fabricom and DENYS NV to Deliver the World-Class Dockwater Desalination Facility

September 21, 2021 ANTWERP, Belgium, /PRNewswire/ -- Dockwater BV ("Dockwater") is pleased to announce that is has partnered with ENGIE Fabricom ("Fabricom") and DENYS NV ("Denys"), to design and build the Dockwater desalination facility that will provide sustainable process water in the Port of Antwerp.


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